Endangered trees of the Ampasindava Protected Area, Madagascar

Endangered trees of the Ampasindava Protected Area, Madagascar

Restoration of degraded habitats and integrated management of endangered trees in the Ampasindava Protected Area, north-western Madagascar

Partner: Famelona
Years: 2019-2021

Habitat of reference: dense rainforest of Ampasindava.

The project takes place in the Ampasindava Peninsula, one of the last remaining sites with forests characteristic of Sambirano, Madagascar’s sixth largest ecoregion. The establishment of the Ampasindava protected area since 2013 led by Famelona contributes already to curbing threats and pressures on resources (slash-and-burn agriculture and selective logging) with an urgent need for specific efforts related to habitat restoration and integrated management of threatened tree species.

The main objectives of the project are to:
1) Maintain the balance of habitats and ecosystems by carrying out a programme of ecological restoration and in-situ enrichment;
2) Strengthen conservation and promote alternatives for the sustainable use of natural resources in the face of restrictions on the use of threatened tree species;
3) Set up an ecological monitoring system for threatened tree species and widely-used species (Dalbergia spp. and some representatives of Sapotaceae family).