Conserving Mahogany and Drum trees in Uganda

Conserving Mahogany and Drum trees in Uganda

Restoring rare and threatened trees – Khaya anthotheca (African mahogany), Lovoa swynnertonii (Brown mahogany) and Cordia millenii (Drum tree) – on Koome Island in Uganda

Partner: HOPE for Nature
Years: 2019-2021

The project’s goal is the long term conservation of the threatened mahogany trees (Khaya anthotheca and Lovoa swynnertonii) and the Drum tree (Cordia millenii) using in situ approach. These trees are rare and endangered in Uganda due to over-exploitation according the National Red List of Uganda, while the African mahogany (Khaya anthotheca) is Vulnerable according to IUCN Red List. These species are native to Koome Island in Lake Victoria, and of great importance to the local community for boat making, firewood, timber, and other uses. Their regeneration is very poor because of the scarcity of mature individuals on this island.

The project will use an integrated conservation approach to conserve the remaining trees in the wild by improving their protection, by reinforcing their population using the establishment of community tree nursery beds, by establishing Environmental Conservation Committees in the villages of Koome Island and by creating alternative income such as bee keeping to reduce the pressure on the target species.