Planta! Trees – saving Cuban most threatened trees

Planta! Trees – saving Cuban most threatened trees.

Partner: Planta! Plantlife Conservation Society
Years: 2020-2021

The Cuban flora includes 1,735 native trees, 827 of them are endemic to the country. 173 Cuban trees, 46% of all tree species assessed to date, are threatened by extinction. The most common threats to these species are illegal logging, habitat degradation, biological invasions, and agriculture. The long-term goal of the project is to preserve and recover Cuban threatened tree populations with the contribution of local communities.

With this project, (1) the global population of the 15 CR or EN endemic target trees will increase by at least 10% within 3 years, and (2) the area devoted to conservation of trees will increase by engaging at least 20 Cuban coffee and cacao farmers in tree conservation and develop a pathway to have more farmers joining this program within the 3 years.