COVID-19 / Message to our partners

COVID-19 / Message to our partners

COVID-19 – To all grant recipients and partners of Fondation Franklinia,

Dear all,

We are going through extraordinary circumstances and I hope that you, your families, friends and teams are doing well. The situation must be complicated for many of you but I know that you continue doing your best to preserve our wonderful planet.

I would like to reassure you that Fondation Franklinia will continue to support the conservation of trees and your work in particular.

Our team based in Switzerland continues its work normally; we are all working from home and are in regular contact with members of the Board and Experts Committee. There may be some delays in some part of our work (signature of new grants, payments…) but we should be able to pursue our operations almost normally. Reports are reviewed, contracts are signed, bank transfers are made and the review of the numerous applications received as a result of our recent call for proposals is ongoing.

For ongoing projects we perfectly understand that there may be delays in the implementation of a number of activities. I would like to reassure you that, of course, the foundation will remain flexible; if your project is impacted, please use your next report to (i) explain how your project has been impacted, how you intend to manage the delay, and (ii) propose a new schedule and budget. There is a section in the report dedicated to changes in project implementation. If you need a response before your next report or think that the project can no longer be implemented, please contact us directly.

You are all facing the destruction of nature and working to prevent the disappearance of a part of life on earth; so you perfectly know that something is going seriously wrong on our planet; let’s hope that the right lessons will be drawn from this difficult period allowing us to build a better world.

Please keep up with your important work and stay safe.

Best wishes from all at Fondation Franklinia,


Jean-Christophe Vié
Director general, Fondation Franklinia