Conservation of trees and forest habitats in Gabon

Conservation of trees and forest habitats in Gabon

Apply High Conservation Value concepts to promote in situ conservation of Gabon’s most threatened trees and forest habitats

Partner: Missouri Botanical Garden 
Years: 2020-2022

Englerophytum gigantifolium (CR) by Ehoarn Bidault

This project aims to ensure the in situ conservation of trees by defining areas with a high concentration of endangered species and habitats and by carrying out concrete actions: creation of protected areas, management of forest concessions, awareness campaigns, a database accessible to all and cartographic content. The conservation status of 400 to 500 rare or endemic species in Gabon that have not been assessed by other stakeholders will be evaluated, thus contributing to the objectives of the Global Tree Assessment. Management plans will be developed for at least 100 CR or EN species. Measures to protect these species and their habitats will be transmitted to all stakeholders, who will be accompanied.

The success of the project is based on Missouri Botanical Garden’s 30 years of experience and collaboration with Gabonese stakeholders, their network of local and international collaborators, and the expertise and data acquired in Central Africa in the conservation of trees and habitats.