Conservation of endemic and threatened trees in Northern Madagascar

Conservation of endemic and threatened trees in Northern Madagascar

Conservation and restoration of 11 threatened tree species in Montagne des Français protected area in Madagascar

Partner: Conservatoire botanique national de Brest (CBNB)
Years: 2022-2025

This project aims at saving 11 threatened tree species in the new Ambohitr’Antsingy protected area, also known as Montagne des Français in the Diana region in Madagascar.

Adansonia suarezensis


All tree species targeted by the project are endemic and classified as Critically Endangered (CR) and Endangered (EN) according to the IUCN Red List, both because of their very restricted range and because of the degradation of the protected area. The survival of these species requires urgent conservation measures.

For each species, the knowledge base will be improved to optimise their in situ and ex situ conservation.

In addition an awareness raising component for the local communities will amplify all the conservation actions. This project is a continuation of the biodiversity conservation actions already undertaken for more than 15 years by the Malagasy NGO SAGE, the organisation in charge of this protected area, supported technically for the past 10 years by the CBNB.

Many existing infrastructures and tools will contribute to the project implementation (2 nurseries, 1 seed bank, 1 arboretum, mixed patrols) as well as many French and Malagasy professionals (nurserymen, botanists, technicians) and village communities that are already fully involved and aware of the importance of this project.