Conservation of Ocotea monteverdensis in Costa Rica

Conservation of Ocotea monteverdensis in Costa Rica

Conservation of the Critically Endangered Ocotea monteverdensis and other threatened species in Costa Rica

Partenaire: The Monteverde Institute
Période: 2020-2022

The proposed project will reverse the decline of Ocotea monteverdensis, a globally Critically Endangered tree endemic to Costa Rica, as well as restore its threatened, biodiverse Premontane Wet habitat, and associated flora and fauna. The small population that remains (< 1,000) and its habitat are threatened by development and illegal cutting.

The project will continue reforestation work and support recent efforts by the government to involve landowner protection and conservation of this species. A national NGO, will also reforest on its protected land and assist in educational programs.

Project goals are to :
(1) protect remaining mature O. monteverdensis trees,
(2) increase its population size and area of occupancy by planting 5’000 seedlings, along with 8’000 seedlings of other associated and threatened trees,
(3) assist O. monteverdensis natural regeneration,
(4) increase landowner and public awareness and participation in protection and conservation, and
(5) continue research on optimal regeneration practices.