Centinela Rebirth, Ecuador

Centinela Rebirth, Ecuador

Restoring Threatened Tree Species in Western Ecuador

Partner: Fundación de Conservación Jocotoco
Years: 2023-2026

This is a second phase of funding for Jocotoco in Ecuador. In order to protect the exceptional biodiversity of the Chocó, the organisation aims to expand from 2 reserves (Canandé and Yanacocha) in this region to 4 (Ridgely Reserve and one dedicated to protecting the Centinela area). This expansion will protect a much greater proportion of species and ecosystems.

Magnolia seeds in Canandé

The Chocó region is one of the world’s top five most endangered biodiversity hotspots and boasts a remarkable diversity of flora. However, this unique area is under severe threat, with an alarming annual deforestation rate of 2.5%.
The Fundación Jocotoco is committed to protecting the Chocó’s exceptionally fragile flora. In Phase 1, their efforts focused on four highly threatened tree species in and around the Canandé Reserve. Building on the knowledge gained from this project, this new phase is dedicated to the conservation of Centinela, a region in western Ecuador known for its remarkable concentration of endemic and threatened plant species.
The objectives of this project are (i) continue reforestation work in Canandé; (ii) in Centinela, work with a group of scientists to protect 15 threatened tree species by monitoring their presence and population sizes. This activity will allow (iii) 3,000 seeds to be collected for enrichment planting. To ensure long-term protection, the project (iv) will create a new protected area through the acquisition of priority lands specifically selected for the conservation of the tree species.
Through these targeted actions, Jocotoco aims to secure the future of theratened tree species and contribute to broader conservation efforts in this critical biodiversity hotspot.