Conservation of endangered endemic trees of Kauai (Hawaii)

Conservation of endangered endemic trees of Kauai (Hawaii)

Securing the survival the Endangered Endemic Trees of Kauai, Hawaii

Partner: National Tropical Botanical Gardens
Years: 2020-2022

Hibiscus waimeae subsp. hannerae (Photo: Susan Dean/NTBG)

Hawaii is the extinction epicenter for the USA and holds globally important concentrations of Critically Endangered tree species. Many of these tree species exist with very low numbers of individuals – sometimes a lone tree – scattered amidst inaccessible landscapes.

This project aims to secure the survival of eleven threatened tree species through in situ management of the target populations on Kauai. Key to this goal is the management of rat populations, the primary threat to these plants, within Limahuli valley – the geographic foci of this proposed project. Conservation of the species will be perpetuated into the future through the maintenance of these live plants in the preserve, as well as seed banking.